Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Drama Mama

Waiting for Matt at the airport. The customs agent does not find our situation funny...."your uncle threw him on a plane?" "So what is he supposed to be doing here?" Trying to explain that he didn't throw him, he booted him gently. Poor Matt...This is his third time flying down here. If he gets turned away I don't know what they will do. How does an 18 yr. old boy feel when nobody seems to want him? Being a parent is highly overrated. The next person who coos to me "c'monnnnnnn....you don't want a cute little babeeeeee?", I'm going to smack them in the mouth.
This week has been tough. Everyone has been dealing with things in their own way I guess. SOme more productively than others.
When a person is hysterical what are you supposed to do? In the movies they slap them really hard in the face. I think there is a hadith against that.
Why do people get hysterical? Let's see....death, maiming, loss of job, house burning down, being robbed at gunpoint.... those I have no problem with. Go for it and let it all hang out. Shriek and throw yourself on the ground, let the world know that you are having a bad day.
Aside from that please save the drama Mama. Save it.

Daddy has to go for more kidney tests. Apparently his kidney function is not good so his doc is thinking of sendin ghim to a specialist in Kingston because the wait time here is too long. What do you say to something like that? Part of me shuts down because I can't afford to care too much. I'm trying to deal with things on a day to day basis and not get ahead of myself. We are all sitting here going "so who is going to give their kidney?" Cause you know that's what is going to happen?
Shit...I like my freakin kidneys.

My test results were negative...which means I never heard back from them.. If you don't hear back it is a good sign. It doesn't mean they lost the results, or the lab assistant put them on the wrong tray, or the doc never got the message that there were stat results to be delivered...
it just means I am healthy. I'm just the kind of freak who bleeds for no reason. I can live with that. I hope.