Friday, September 01, 2006

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

The weekend was busy but fun. We decided to go visit the parents on Saturday. My brother told me he would be at our place early, "so be ready" he said. I was up at 8am - got ready -dragged Sof off the couch where she was up till 3 or 4am watching the World Cup.
What I failed to realize was that to my brother early means when he decides to drag his arse out of bed and make his way over to my place. Saturday he decided early was around 10h45.
The day before Sof and I headed out to pick up a gift for Pops for Father's Day. We considered clothes but honestly I cannot figure out men's sizes. Women's sizes are so simple...8 (which I don't fit into), 10 (which I don't fit into), 12 (which I ...) anyways moving along - So we decided to pick him up something from HMV.
I wanted to get him a DVD, but I could just picture him, nose stuck to the screen, trying to figure out which buttons to push. He has enough trouble with the tv remote. And he doesn't go near the computer. We ended up getting him a CD box set called The House that Trane Built. I had no idea how much he would love it.
We put the CD on before dinner and he sat there listening to it and was transported back to his youth for a bit. He got very emotional about it, remembering the guys he used to listen to and those he used to play with. Most of them are gone now - I think Br. AbdusSamad's (Billy Robinson) death last year really hit him.
I listened to some of the music later on that night and I heard a song he used to sing to me when I was a kid - a jazz piece with a chorus in the middle "the creator has a master plan..." That was special for me - it reminded me of Daddy when he was young, back in the day. I forget sometimes how many childhood memories involve him - how larger than life he was to me growing up. Is every girls father their first love? Probably not - which means I'm weird.

Sunday I spent the day with the girls escaping frm the heat by spending money at the mall. Bad habit that. We shopped a bit for Tiidy's wedding gift, a bit for our trip to Spain, a bit for no reason at all...

We all crashed back at the H house - watched World Cup, ate apple pie and whined about how the weekends were not long enough. We have plans this summer for a mass sick call...That's when we all call in sick on the same day and escape to the park with books, food and spend the day doing nothing at all.

I was going to try an post some pics, but besides being horrible pictures ( Sof had her inept hands on the camera), blogger is giving me a hard time uploading them.
We'll see how it goes later. I think she may have managed to take a couple of normal looking pics of the kids.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Day with the family - Father's Day etc...
Got my camera back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shopping with the girls
Summer in the city...Oh So Good for coffee -sitting beside annoying drunk people
More to come plus pics

God Kveld!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lions and Tigers and BEARS!!! Oh My...

Look out for a sleepy bear in Westboro
Last updated Jun 13 2006 01:59 PM EDT
CBC News
Residents of Ottawa's Westboro neighbourhood should keep an eye out for a dozy young bear.
The black bear cub kept police and conservation officers busy for more than three hours on Tuesday morning.
It was finally hit by a tranquilizer dart just before 9 a.m. in the backyard of a house on quiet, leafy Denbury Avenue. But, before the tranquilizer could take effect, the cub bolted, and has not been found.
Police and the Natonal Capital Commission stopped looking for the cub at 9:30 a.m, according to NCC spokeswoman Marie-Ève Létourneau.
The NCC is called in when wildlife strays into the city because its conservation officers are trained to use tranquilizer guns, and have experience with wildlife in the Gatineau Park.
Létourneau said the cub weighed about 150 pounds, and was about a year old.
Police notified local schools and community centres about the animal's presence.
If you should see a sleepy bear, you can call the NCC at 239-5353, or the Ottawa Police Service at 230-6211.

Some of you may know about my bear phobia. Ever since I was a kid I have been terrified of bears. Why? It's not like I have ever see one in person, or had a bad experience with one. In fact I love watching animal shows that feature bears in the wild. I am both fascinated and freaked out by them.
But get this; I used to have a re-occuring nightmare when I was a kid that had me coming face to face with a black bear in the middle of the street. I would wake up totally freaked out ...this lasted until I was in my teens. I have no idea why I had these dreams, but the result has been this irrational fear that in the middle of the city I would be walking down the street and all of a sudden come face to face with a big bear.
I guess it's not so irrational now after all.
I cannot even imagine what my reaction would have been if I had come upon that bear. I think I would have had a psychotic break.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sick all weekend and just now recovering. I didn't keep my promise to myself (thanks for asking Sumayyah), but I did finally get my room in order. It only took me 4 months - that's progress for me.
Stress these days is is taking up too much of my head as well as the usual stuff that occurs to throw you off balance for a minute. Whatever - I think of Andalucia and Brighton and I count down the weeks.

I guess should write a bit about how the guys arrested here are claiming they are being mistreated by the cops, or how there is a publication ban on the case now so we have no way of knowing what is happening.

Or I could write on how the community is reacting: Conspiracy: "It's a plot to make us look bad. They hate Muslims, why should we believe anything they say?" Young Hooligans: "They are more like neo-nazi skinheads than real terrorists. Just bigoted little hoodlums...a few years in jail will fix them." Misguided Youth: "Where were the Imams? Where were the parents? They're young, impressionable youth who need to be straightened out, talked to, reasoned with, anything but the Kingston Pen! Fanatics In Our Midst: "The mosques, the conferences, the khutbahs are all breeding grounds for this! Ban jumu'ah and all your problems are solved! What Arrests?: I was watching the MTV awards...what's going on?", etc....

I could also blog about howeveryone's trying to answer questions we as a community are showing our inability to answer. Maybe we have never had to be self critical enough to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem. We have cultivated a community that is left floundering, looking for someone to blame, instead of realizing that all of us together have had a hand in this.

Or I could just remark on how utterly sad it makes me to have to defend who I am to people every day. I do it as silently as their stares silently judge me. In my head I defend, I excuse, I apologize, I do not community lives inside me, each group warring with the other, until I no longer know what I think or feel.
When I was a child Islam was my base, my center. When I wasn't part of any one group I was part of the Muslims. My center has been rocked but it still holds, no major cracks in the foundation. Regardless of how little I do know, one thing I am certain of:
“This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”
(al-Maa’idah 5:3)

Allah's favour upon us is in this deen. It behooves us to treat it well, this perfect faith. Perhaps if we focused on that we would be in a different place.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Reminder for today of who is in control of my life

This reminded me of Ramadhan...being in the mosque late at night. Muslims from every nationality and walk of life - together kneeling in a row - Everyone bowing their heads and crying together as we plead for mercy and forgiveness. In those moments the differences between us disappear. We sit as Muslims, unified.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am being forced to watch boxing....

The bro is sick today. He is beyond pitiful. Moaning on the couch, acting as if he is dying of consumption. The men in my family are such babies when they are sick. I can't understand why he is so sickly to begin with...I swear almost every month he is laid out in the bed.
Of course that means I have to run around feeling his forehead, stuffing him full of advil and juice and being nice to him. He is getting to watch boxing and soccer which is why I have been on the computer for hours. I just gave him some neocitran from my box of expired medecines. Then in about 2 hours I will give him some more drugs and shuffle him of to bed so I can watch the animal channel.

I made guacamole last night for the first time and almost put my eye out. Never stick a metal spoon into a blender that is ON. Take my word for it. There was guac everywhere - very gross.

Dr. Sherman Jackson's book is seriously amazing. Every intuitive and not so intuitive thought you've ever had about Black people and Islam or immigrants and Islam is laid out. I'm doing the usual reading of 4 different books at once so it is taking me longer to read than usual but it is so worth it. When I saw him in Toronto I asked him a question that I would love to get more follow-up on. I wonder if he would respond if I tracked him down and emailed him? He probably doesn't remember me.

Promise to self: This weekend is the weekend I break out the paints again. It has been too long and I have so many new paintings waiting inside me to come out, as well as others to finish.

Note to self: Follow through with promise to self

Norway Dumps Walmart!

Good for them! It is so nice to see a hint of interest in humankind from a government. Imagine what the world would be like if more governments took a stand.


Pet Peeve 1

So I'm in the car with Jazz and walking down the street is a Muslim couple. It is a hot June day, the sun is blazing away and here is this Muslim woman dressed in a thick jilbaab and niqab.
You can barely see her eyes and the tips of her fingers, but at least it wasn't black - She was jazzing it up a bit in a pale green. Meanwhile her husband was sauntering along in a t-shirt and some khakis.
Look I understand that mens' dress requirements are less strict than for us women, but if your wife is going to go all out, can't you even put on a kufi?
It irritates the heck out of me to see these men wandering around in shorts and t-shirts, and I swear tank tops, while their wives cover head to toe. And I know, I know, a beard is not the be all and end all of religious commitment, but c'mon...your wife is a niqabi and you can't grow a little stubble just as a nod to the sunnah?
What would really be funny is if I ran into a guy in full sunnah garb and his wife was in shorts...actually you know I did see something like that once. My friend and I almost had a heart attack. The guy had a fluffy beard and SHORT PANTS, and was walking by with a girl in a skirt and t-shirt with no hijab. It was hysterical. I found out later he was doing dawah..(converting) her...They're married now. I hope they don't see this.